Stress, Nutrition, and cancer

Stress, Nutrition, and Cancer Correlation

Knowing¬†the correlation between stress, nutrition, and cancer will help in¬†understanding why we get sick. Let’s understand better how cancer cells develop.

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, and these cells divide and subdivide every day for our organs to function well. During this process though, mistakes arise, and some of these cells become cancer cells, but they stay dormant until they are “switched on,” and they grow and harm the body. The cancer cells are “switched on” by various factors like our lifestyle and environmental factors.

Knowing some natural healing tips and choosing to do these tips on how to address these factors will help achieve better wellbeing. Find out more in this interview with Health Coach May last August 11, 2018, in the radio/cable program on TV 5, Metro Sabado hosted by Ms. Izza Reniva-Cruz and Mr. Alex Tinsay.

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